Have you ever wondered how the women in the advertisements and commercials always have perfect makeup? You never see any flaws, creases or a makeup line like you do at home. Half the time, you have to wonder if they even have makeup on or if they just have perfect skin naturally.

Well, wonder no more. You’re about to learn the secret to that flawless look and find out how you can get it at home – without a personal makeup artist!

The secret is airbrush makeup and for many years was only available to Hollywood stars and fashion models. Developed back in the 1930s, air brush makeup started off as a way to color the skin of a large number of people in a short period of time.

As time went on, makeup artists discovered that using airbrush techniques, they could eliminate much of the difficulties with traditional liquid and cream makeups. Of course, these techniques were still reserved for stars and models since most of us can’t afford to pay a personal makeup artist.

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The Luminess airbrush system comes with everything you need to get started doing perfectly executed, flawless makeup. It comes with the airbrush tool, also called a stylus. This tool is very similar in size and shape to a pen, making it very easy to use and control. This stylus connects to a small air compressor by flexible tubing.

The compressor provides the gentle yet continuous air flow needed. This compressor connects directly to any AC power outlet or it can be used with an optional portable charger unit for on-the-go beauty.

The trial systems available also come with four shades of foundation for you to give the Luminess airbrush makeup system a real test without having to invest in makeup until you see how great the system works.

Airbrush makeup is different from other types of makeup and that uniqueness coupled with the airbrush system is what makes this makeup so special. With airbrush makeup, the pigmentation is suspended in a liquid that is about the consistency of milk. When the air flow forces this pigmented liquid out, it is in the form of very fine droplets, almost too small for the eye to see.

Unlike traditional makeup forms, the airbrush makeup almost floats across the top of the skin. That is why it will not crease, crack or magnify pores. This also makes it better for the skin as it won’t block the pores, causing acne and blackheads, like traditional makeup.

Get Your Flawless Face! Click here for a 30 day trial offer from Luminess Air

The Luminess Air airbrush makeup system not only offers you everything you need to be able to execute the perfect face. There are detailed videos to guide you with achieving your flawless look. Luminess Air experts will show you exactly how to use the Luminess airbrush tool and makeup, for your foundation, your blush and even your eye shadow.

How many times have you had a makeover at a department store counter or a cosmetics party and spent tons of money on new makeup – only to be unable to get the same look when you do it yourself?

Don’t feel bad as we’ve all been there.

That is one of the best benefits of using the Luminess airbrush system because you never have to go at it alone. Not only are the videos available for guidance, but they offer a toll free number to get help with any questions you might have using their system. You actually get access to expert makeup artists without the high price tag.

Get Your Flawless Face! Click here for a 30 day trial offer from Luminess Air